Veza Le Modèle is a small business founded in 2020 based in Miami, FL, and Puerto Rico.

The term "Veza" came from our very own founder, her name is Verania Zaoli.

Growing up Verania Zaoli always had a hard time dealing with her name as people always made fun of her or mispronounced her name, but deep down she always felt like her name was unique and she was going to use it as an advantage. She got the first 2 letters of both of her names and that's where VEZA was created. "Le Modèle" means "model" and "perfect" in Italian, and that's what Verania wants everybody to feel like when wearing her pieces.

Verania has a passion for style and having the most unique clothes, she created Veza to share her passion with others.

Veza Le Modèle is a brand where EVERYBODY can feel sexy, and confident. Always keeping up with the most trendiest styles but yet very unique. We offer sizes up to 3XL, featuring amazing comfortable materials that mold perfectly onto the body.

You will always be the center of attention when wearing Veza Le Modèle, every piece is going to turn heads and you will get full-filled with compliments.

We cater to anyone who has an affinity for fashion. Regardless of shape, personal style, or color, we're here to fit everyone.